Corner-to-Corner Afghan Using Caron Cakes

Caron Cakes

I don’t usually hop on the trendy bandwagon, but I’ve been drawn to Caron Cakes since seeing them back in August 2016. The colors are vibrant and the palettes are pleasing to the eye. Any yarn that creates a beautiful color pattern without me having to change colors is a plus in my books. I loathe changing colors because I dislike having to weave in ends. Yet, the Caron Cakes skeins are pricey and I was a little worried because they are an acrylic and wool blend. I tend to suffer from itchiness when in contact with wool, so I avoided the cakes. But then Michaels had a sale. Caron Cakes, normally $8.00 per 7.1 oz, were only $5. I also had some coupons, bringing the price down to about $3.50 a skein.

The Corner-to Corner Afghan

I absolutely love the feel of this yarn. It’s soft and, to my surprise, does not make me itch. I scoured the web for a pattern that would work well with Caron Cakes, and decided that I would make a corner-to-corner afghan for myself. I rarely crochet for myself as most projects go to my daughter, are sold in my shop, of go to friends as gifts. But 2017 is my year for taking care of me and that means, apart from trying to get healthy, that I will also crochet something for myself. I chose a corner-to-corner afghan because I am always cold! Always. But also, because I deal with anxiety, the feel of weighted blankets make me feel calm and safe.

My goal is to make this a king-sized afghan for my bed, but truth be told, it will probably be smaller because I don’t know if I have the attention span for something so large. I’ve also never made a corner-to-corner afghan before either. The video that I used to get me started is below and I will share photos of the project when I have completed the afghan.

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