5 Tips for The Happiness Engineer Application & Trial

My husband pointed out that in my first post I promised that the next one would give insight into the trial but I wrote about my family instead. What can I say? My family keeps me interested!

I completed my first official day on the job today as a Happiness Engineer and all I can say is that I love this place!

I do want to share some info about the trial because we’re hiring! If you are considering applying, there are some things you want to know. I don’t have the answer to getting your foot in the door. I don’t know what happened with those who did not make it or why some dropped out.

What I do know is that it doesn’t hurt to:

(1) Be informed. Know the company. Do your research! Read blogs written by those who have made it and even those who have not. Watch the YouTube videos of Happiness Engineers who discuss why they love Automattic. Info is free; take advantage of it.

(2) Show humility. You won’t know everything. No matter how long you have worked with WordPress, in customer service, or with technology, you will fumble. You will falter. You will fall! “Sit down. Be humble!” Check your ego at the application.

(3) Make time to peruse the forums! WordPress.com, much like WordPress.org has an amazingly, dedicated community of volunteers who share their knowledge, love, and support on the forums. If I could go back and prepare for this process again, I would have spent way more time on the WordPress.com forums.

(4) Remember that WordPress.com and WordPress.org are very different. If you are used to the self-hosted WordPress software/CMS, sign up for a WordPress.com account and start using the platform. The learning curve is steep! And if you think WordPress.com is more like Blogger, you are gravely mistaken. The possibilities are endless, and the limitations are few.

(5) Trust yourself and your knowledge. Imposter syndrome is real and strong amongst even those of us who have made it through the Trial. It is so easy to feel like you don’t belong, but self-doubt is a lie! It is fear dressed up as modesty and masquerading as humility! True humility is admiring that though you know some things, you still have a lot to learn. Self-doubt tells you that you know nothing and I KNOW that isn’t true!

Photo by unsplash.com/@lucistan

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