Simplifying and Finding Balance

I am focused on simplifying my life and on finding balance. While streamlining the ridiculous amounts of crap that I have collected over the years despite not being very materialistic is something I do often, finding balance has never really been something that I have been able to accomplish.

I’m forty, and I have ADD and anxiety. I live in my head, hindering my productivity because of I often hyper-focus and worry that I am going to suffer unfortunate consequences of [insert any number of things here].

The truth is that cognitive therapy has been a lifesaver but the practices that I have learned and relearned need to become a part of my everyday life.

I sat down this weekend and decided to rid myself of the numerous email address and accounts that I have created. I grabbed my Dust II Oynx, dot-grid notebook and one of my favorite pens and began to make lists.

Email Addresses? 13

Domain Names: 17

Current Blogs that I am trying to manage but end up neglecting: 7

Taking it one step at a time, I went over the Email Addresses list and discovered that I was holding on to a Gmail account that I hadn’t checked in years just because I worried that I would need it! Today, I released it, and before I did, I discovered 2,099 photos hanging out in Google Photos. I downloaded those right away, canceled my Adsense account (I’m getting $88 after 12 years), and closed the account!

How did it feel? FREEING!

I also closed down on other address. It was using a custom domain on Zoho. Of course, I never used it!

Next up on my list was my BAM email. In my previous professional life, I ran a web design and social media consulting firm called Be Artful Media. Until today I had been paying a monthly fee to use Office 365 as my domain’s email provider while allowing me access to the downloadable versions of MS Office. But it’s unnecessary. My BAM email mail gets a ton of mail (most of it junk). The non-junk-items that I receive there are important and cannot be sent to another account. I can’t get rid of it, but I can do better and save some money!

The problem: MS Outlook is just not the most user-friendly programs. And it’s bulky all of MS Office is low to load. So I canceled.

The solution: I will continue to use Pages, Numbers, Keynote, Google Docs or Mellel. For email, I will use FastMail*. A Facebook acquaintance praised FastMail in a post a few weeks back and then a co-worker wrote about it on his Blog. I decided to give it a try because $50 a year is a hell of a lot less than what I am paying for Office.

My goal is to be down to only the 5 email addresses that I actually use regularly by the end of February!

As for finding balance, this post is long enough! I’ll discuss that in the next post.

*Referral link | Photo by Roman Bozhko on Unsplash

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