From Unfinished to In-Progress

I’ve amassed numerous unfinished projects in my adult life. For example, in 2017 I committed to publishing six issues of my Gather the Wind Zine. I published two. I have enough poems and shorts for more issues, but… Also, in 2017, I opened a t-shirt store called Bamable. While there are only three designs available on the site, I have a list of more than thirty that I wish to create. Then there are the numerous crochet and knit projects, short stories, novels, plays, printables, etc., that I have taken on only to stop before completing them. The bottom line is that I am GREAT when it comes to ideas but not so good at the execution.

Yet, I manage to complete the things many don’t believe I will like, Undergrad, Grad School, getting married, moving to Arizona, quitting unfulfilling jobs, the Happiness Engineering trial at Automattic, and writing Civil Rights Then and Now.

However, in an effort to better myself, I am trying to figure out why I don’t finish the things that I started. Is it that I begin things on a whim? Am I so mercurial that I don’t know what I want to do? Or am I afraid of failure? How about success? What is going on?

These are a few of the things that I am working to explore in the Mindset Month, a coaching program that my job offers with CoachDiversity. In the program I am asked to look at how my thoughts form my behavior and how those behaviors turn into results. Because we can always control our thoughts, our results are also within our control.

I am working to change my perspectives on these projects and to detach myself from ideas so I can see the best way to move forward. I used to do this regularly- Cognitive Behavior Therapy is great for dealing with anxiety- but fell off. Here’s to a new journal and a new outlook.

How are you changing your perspective to be more successful?

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