• How do you get over writer’s block?

From what I’ve heard, keep writing. Write anything and write often. I am not sure if this works because I struggle with writer’s block often. Flowstate is an app that will delete everything you  write if you stop writing during a pre-set timeframe. It’s a anxiety-producing way to force yourself to write.

  • What is your writing software do you recommend?

I have Scrivener and use that the most as it forces me to plot. But I also have Storyist, and I like that too, I am much more productive when I write in MS Word or Pages for Mac because I don’t become distracted with the bells and whistles. If you prefer to write online, then BlankPage is great! It’s minimal and easy to learn. For iPad, HanxWriter is so much fun. It sounds like a typewriter and allows you to focus on the flow of writing. Lately, I’ve been also using Google Docs.

  • Do you prefer to write on a computer or on paper?

I prefer paper. Truthfully, there is something scary about staring at a computer screen and being tasked with filling it with words. The amount of thinking that happens before my fingers start moving creates a level of fear that I find disarming. However, writing on paper allows the words to flow easily with no fear. I am also much more inclined to delete and self-edit while I write when doing so on the computer.

I have an electric typewriter and that is the happy middle for me.

  • How many novels have you finished? Published?

I have finished eight novels and they are BAD! Awful! I have started about twenty of them and some have turned into short stories and plays. I have not published a single novel yet but have had numerous short stories, poems, and non-fiction pieces published under different names.