A writing playlist is highly personal. When I write, the mood has to be just right. I need to be able to relax, and that means controlling the atmosphere of my writing space. We three of us in a two-bedroom apartment, so space is limited. Rather than locking myself away in another room, which is not possible most days, I wait until everyone is asleep or gone. Then, I turn off the television, get comfortable, and turn on music.

The music that I listen to while writing is best described as mellow and smooth. The songs from Miles Davis’ Kind of Blue or from any Maxwell or Esperanza Spalding album can relax me enough to allow my mind to focus on the task at hand. But sometimes, I need more. Sometimes I need lyrics that spark creativity and emotion.

My Emotional Writing Tunes playlist is an eclectic mix of songs that not only remind me of the passion of love but drive home the sadness of love lost. They are filled with various emotions and have been successful at helping me to tap into memories of love and loss.

What’s on your playlist?