Secrets of the Love Genre by Rachelle Ramirez

Do you want to write a story in the top selling genre of all time? Want to innovate on a classic story that almost everyone can relate to? Want to break your reader’s heart or fill it with joy? Both? If so, let’s explore the Love story where attraction and love just might clash with indifference, repulsion, and even hate. [Read this on Story Grid]

Nikki Giovanni on trusting your own voice

I love and I always have loved history books. I love the history. So, I read Mommy’s, which also contained a lot of history, but I also read Charles Darwin, and I was interested in the development of the Constitution. It seemed like, “This is something we ought to know.” I grew up thinking, “I’ll be a lawyer.” If you grew up admiring those kinds of things, you’re going to end up looking at the world a little differently. [Read this on The Creative Independent]

Where Real Drama Comes From by Lisa Cron

Real drama is something else altogether. And – here’s the surprising thing – real drama very often has little to do with big, externally dramatic events – real or imagined. Real drama is internal, and that is the kind of drama that stories are about. [Read this at Writer Unboxed]

4 Ways to Write Backstory That Matters by KM Weiland

Backstory will influence everything that happens in your main story—from the plot events to the characters’ motivations to your ability to manage your thematic subtext. [Read this at helping Writer’s Become Authors]

Writing Confidently In A Genre With Perceived Stigma

If you’re a reader of romance novels, how often do you read those books in public? Does that depend on what the cover looks like? And if you do choose to read that romance novel in public, do you find yourself angling the book so no one sitting beside you happens to look over your shoulder and read the steamy bits? [Read more on The Creative Penn]