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Read the USA
With Me.

I’m traveling across the United States through books written by Black Women.

My life is filled with learning.

If I could try everything once, I would. From crocheting and knitting, to making slime, the only constant in my life (aside from my husband and child) is change. And I’m no longer afraid.

Follow my journey to a life well lived and lessons well learned.

from Kristina Brooke

Read the Book. Start a Conversation.

Take a crash course in the social justice issues that keep the United States from realizing its promise of equality! This civil rights book for kids is simultaneously a guide for parents and educators who worry about broaching the topics of racism, discrimination, and prejudice. Civil Rights Then and Now: A Timeline of the Fight for Equality in America presents the reader with facts, biographies, and landmark supreme court cases in an easily digestible manner and within a historical context. The minor editorializing helps to guide readers to understand the events that have shaped the United States and then challenges them to become advocates for change. Included in this book are vocabulary lists, questions for comprehension and discussion, and even essay/journaling prompts. This information-packed social justice book and civil rights timeline introduces readers to a selection of many critical civil rights movement events in black history. From the embarrassing origins of Slavery to the modern struggle against systemic and overt oppression, this book will spark conversations about subjects that we can no longer afford to ignore.

– Kristina Daniele, author.

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